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Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic Drainage
Rid Your Body of Built-Up Toxins
 Add On With Any
Facial or Hydrafacial
or Do Alone
Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph, the fluid that travels via the lymphatic system, contains oxygen, glucose, amino acids, and other vital nutrients, which gives life to every cell in our body.
It also carries away toxins and impurities, making the lymphatic system vital to our immune system and overall health.
Enhanced Health and Wellness Spa offers Lymphatic Drainage that is vital to your immune system and overall health. The lymphatic system may become sluggish due to many factors including medications, age, diet, and disease.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage:

  • Improve Your Immune System.

  • Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue.

  • Help decrease chronic pain.

  • Give your skin a radiant and new glow.

  • Improve circulation

  • Improves Healing Post Surgery

  • Decrease Pain associated with Post Surgery

  • Decrease Swelling post surgery

Face Lymphatic Drainage
15 Mins

Back or Abdomen Lymphatic Drainage
20 mins

Arms Lymphatic Drainage
25 mins

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