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Ketamine Therapy
Ketamine IV Infusions
Beautiful architectural building offering private one on one care in a quiet and relaxing setting. 
Ketamine Therapy

The average Ketamine Infusion runs over 45 mins-1 hr.

Ketamine Therapy has had great success in helping those suffering from PTSD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, & Addiction. Ketamine sessions are done on an individual basis in a private setting. You will have a CRNA and RN or medical assistant in the room during with you during your session to ensure your safety and comfort.

Prior to starting Ketamine therapy with us you will have a consultation and evaluation with our team psychologist.

Ketamine sessions are initially started with a series of sessions ideally within a two week time span. After your initial sessions you will receive "booster" sessions as needed.

Every persons needs are different; however you may need more or less booster sessions as it varies.



  • $725 for Infusions treating Depression, Anxiety and Addiction. 

  • $825 for Infusions treating CRPS & PTSD.

           These infusions run over approx. 3 hrs.

          Additional Sessions vary as needed. 

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